Timsk has been around for longer than he’d like to admit. Growing up in a family filled with creative talent, with parents well known in the film and television industry, and siblings who excelled in the drawn, painted and musical arts, after some tv, stage and film work he took a different path – instead applying that genetically gifted creativity in more technical directions, bringing a unique approach to architecting many of the systems we all rely on day to day.

After too many years working in the background of much that keeps you safe from day to day, he has finally decided to change tack and step out into the light in his own right through his music.

His primary ethos in life is that you’re never finished learning and can always be better in every aspect of it, so join him as he continues to explore and grow as an electronic music creator.

He is Timsk, listen to him.

The Unbelievable Logo – What is reality? Everything we see, hear, touch and taste is coloured by our perception. In turn our perception is coloured by those around us.  There are cultures on earth where people simply can’t see the same colours that you or I do, not just that they have different words for them – their learned perception excludes the possibility of anything else.

In the same way, our lives and experiences are shaped by our background and peer-groups, effectively defining our view of the world, our experiences and our places in it.

The unbelievable logo is about freedom of thought. Put simply, nothing exists for us outside of the boundaries of our minds, so make of life what you will. Be free.

"Your Focus Is Your Reality..."