Silk City Puts Their Stamp of Approval on AKG’s Newest Wireless Headphones [Interview]

Since 1947, AKG has been delivering the most superior sound in the world, so it’s no surprise that their newest line of headphones accomplish that and more. AKG’s latest noise-canceling wireless headphones, the N700NC, embody this passion for engineering the purest high-end listening experience.

Providing music enthusiasts with studio-quality sound for up to 20 hours on a single charge, these headphones also allow users to control how much surrounding noise they want to let in with the simple push of a button.

Last week at Samsung 837 we had the opportunity to test out the N700NC and AKG’s other new headphones, the Y500 and Y100, at their special event with Silk City and each definitely held its own when it came to its studio quality sound.

Perfect for the casual music listener, the Y100 wireless in-ear headphones fit in your ears just right and are great for commutes or just sitting at home relaxing. For millennials and music enthusiasts the Y500 would probably be your favorite. These on-ear headphones have the super awesome automatic play and pause feature. When you take off the headphones it automatically pauses whatever is playing, and then when you put them back on it picks up where you left off.

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