Your EDM Premiere: MKTO – How Can I Forget (Sebastian Pérez Remix)

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Sometimes you need a fun track in the morning to really start your day off right – enter the Sebastian Pérez remix of MKTO’s hit “How Can I Forget.”

The original is an incredible ballad… but it’s a ballad, it’s quite slow. In that respect, it’s hardly appropriate for the dance floor. That’s where Pérez comes in. Keeping MKTO’s brilliant harmonized vocals, Pérez adds a layer of percussion and bumps up the tempo to make it into a high-energy, bouncy house heater.

Just try to not move when this one drops! We sincerely bet you can’t. The rhythm is infectious and the vocals are a total earworm. Pretty soon, you’ll be shouting out “How can I forget!” along with everyone else.

Check out the remix from Sebastian Pérez below!

MKTO – How Can I Forget (Sebastian Pérez Remix)