Your EDM Premiere: Micky Valen – Chills ft. Joey Myron

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LA based up and coming DJ and producer Mickey Valen is back with a brand new single in the form of ‘Chills’ ft Joey Myron and we’ve been given the exclusive premiere. The effort serves as Valen’s first release on label CloudKid, and will follow his highly successful single ‘Move That Body’ which currently boasts millions of plays across YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Joey Myron’s voice brings in the track with mellow, filtered synths and live sounding rim shots and a slow hi hat groove. Disrupted by a synth emulating a record stop, the laid back vibes begin to pick up as the vocals hasten and the drums become more present. The drop comes rushing at you and blows you back with distorted, warping synth swells and vocal chops that play out a melody.

Valen says: “I’m excited to be back releasing a new single for my project entitled ‘Chills’ featuring Joey Myron. Over the past year I have worked hard on producing and writing not only for my own project, but for other artists in the industry as well. I believe a lot of this work will flood out in 2019 and I’m extremely excited to share it with everyone. In the production I wanted to combined past familiar elements such as distorted bass and vocal chops and intertwine them with chopped up guitar and vocal hums. The call and response between the vocals and guitar created something I feel is really unique and tasteful. I’m glad to be sharing this tune and look forward to continue pushing my project to new limits in 2019.”

It’s a huge release that’s dropped just in time for the weekend! Give ‘Chills’ a listen below.