Your EDM Premiere: BETTA LEMME – Bambola (Merk & Kremont Remix)

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Something about French pop music just makes it sound so… fancy. It’s hard to pin down exactly what element or combination of elements produces the effect; heck, maybe it’s the French language itself. But whatever it is, a song like “Bambola” by Betta Lemme is simply too good. And while the original is plenty on its own, we have to give props to Merk & Kremont for absolutely nailing this remix.

The original is noticeably slow, as bombastic as it is. Merk & Kremont flip that on its head and take the tempo up to house speeds and it fits so well it’s astonishing. The higher tempo affords a much more dance-y vibe and energy, even as much of the original is still kept intact.

Betta said of the remix, “Before I start dropping new content, I wanted to have one last dance with Bambola. Out of all the covers and remixes that surfaced around the world, Merk & Kremont’s remix made me dance the most, so it made sense to make their version the official one. Merk & Kremont are both so talented and I’m proud that my first single that took Italy by storm was transformed by this lovely Italian duo.”

The remix is truly the fusion of two worlds and I wish there was more between the two available, because they obviously have a vibe going. Check out Merk & Kremont’s remix of “Bambola” by Betta Lemme below!