Almost there (by Sinchronice)…

The preparation continues. Having decided a month or so back to actually step forwards and release some of my music – to proverbially ‘get out there’ – there has been a lot of background prep underway:

  • Get a website setup (you’re here!)
  • Decide on the structure and content for said site
  • Repurpose some personal social media accounts for use
  • Get everything ‘lined up’ and consistent
  • Sort out all the backend stuff that has to go along with all this (accounts, mailing provider, hosting provider, domain, CDN etc etc)
  • Getting to grips with the SEO requirements around all of it

It’s been a month of work which has somewhat annoyingly kept me away from actually doing more music, but hey it’s also been fun in and of itself, though glad it’s almost finished so I can get back to doing what I love.

I’m guessing this is why most people wind up with a Wix site or a scrappy one-pager, or getting overcharged by some predatory web design fly-by-night, but with my background this wasn’t going to be me.

Hope you like it. And if anyone wanting to get setup themselves wants any hints or pointers, hit me up.

My best,