Steve Aoki and Postmates Give Back to the Less Fortunate in Los Angeles

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The popular delivery service, Postmates was busy granting delivery service wishes left and right, by encouraging people to tweet their desires using the hashtag, #BetterThanSanta. Someone who appeared skeptical about the holiday promotion was DJ and producer, Steve Aoki as he challenged the company by wishing they’d deliver Pizzaaoki to the less fortunate.

Earlier this year, in the month of July to be exact, Aoki launched a delivery-only pizza company that services across the Los Angeles area. What’s so special about Aoki’s company is that it is centered around the delivery-only model. Plus, the pizza has dough filled with herbs and sauces designed by Mama Aoki, Aoki’s mother. Pizzaaoki is available through delivery service companies, UberEats and Postmates from 4 p.m. until 4 a.m. from Thursday to Saturday.

Postmates accepted the challenge, better yet, granted Aoki’s wish by responding with “your wish is music to our ears-consider it granted.” To follow up with that response, Aoki replied using the already popularized hashtag, #BetterThanSanta. Later that day in the afternoon, the cake throwing DJ tweeted again shouting-out Postmates for holding their end of the bargain and delivering. Postmates delivered Pizzaaoki to a homeless shelter in Los Angeles.

Others that used the opportunity offered by the company to ask for selfless wishes included: singer, Carly Rae Jepsen, actor, Colton Haynes, rapper, Iggy Azalea, and actress, Holland Roden. Their wishes were fulfilled when toys were delivered to children at the Children’s Hospital LA as asked by Jepsen; food was delivered to the LGBTQ youth center in Los Angeles as requested by Haynes, and food was delivered to animal shelters as wished by both Azalea and Roden.

The Los Angeles native DJ killed two birds with one stone through this, as he knew how to take advantage of this opportunity to help promote his recently launched pizza company and give back to the less fortunate in the process. This might be of help since there are talks of company expansion through physical locations, and offering the services in other cities like New York, San Francisco, Oakland, Chicago and Miami.

The Mix team wants to hear from you. What cities would you like Pizzaoki to be in? Have any of the Los Angeles readers placed an order? If so, comment and share your feedback.