SoundCloud Incorporates Private Track and Playlist Sharing Tool for iOS

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2018 is turning out to be quite a big year for SoundCloud. Between monetization options and partnerships with DJ gear manufacturers, the music streaming service is going to great lengths to maintain their position. Today, they’ve rolled out another tool for content creators.

Whereas the last feature incorporated into SoundCloud’s interface allowed for sharing of public links via Instagram stories, their newest allows iOS users to share links to private tracks and playlists. It also allows content creators to take a track or playlist from private to public via mobile and vice versa.

“We’re the only audio streaming service to offer private track and playlist sharing because enabling your workflow will help you to create the best possible upload,” reads a blog post on “With the introduction of private track and playlist sharing on iOS, you can now maximize collaboration on the go, making it easier than ever to share demos, refine content, receive feedback and promote your work.”

SoundCloud’s quest for financial solvency has been a long one. Last year the company replaced co-founder Alex Ljung with former Vimeo exec Kerry Trainor as CEO. Other streaming services haven’t fared much better, although Spotify just posted their first-ever net profit following for the third quarter of 2018.

Meanwhile, SoundCloud is still sifting through the fallout from the controversy over their SoundCloud Premiere contract.