SoundCloud Copyright Fraudster Attacks Dozens of Bass Music Artists

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Multiple bass music artists have alleged that their tracks have been removed from SoundCloud for wrongful copyright claims. Working under an account by the name “Dr Egg,” an unknown user reportedly made copyright violation claims against multiple artists, which these artists are claiming resulting in the removals.

In the SoundCloud platform, uploads can be taken down for copyright violations if SoundCloud receives an email making a claim against the track. A copyright violation occurs when someone uses a sample or part of a song that was already copyrighted by another artist or company. Currently, it only takes one claim to have a track removed and it may be reinstated if the claim is proven false.

According to reply emails from SoundCloud to the artists in question, “Dr Egg” used email addresses that pointed to Moonboy ( and Too Vain ( to make these strikes. The user appears to have falsified Moonboy’s (Jaime Madsen) signature and used his name on the copyright infringement claims. Moonboy made a video on Twitter to speak out against the fraud.

The user has sent several artists direct messages on SoundCloud in addition to emails bragging about the takedowns. The emails include taunts like, “how are you liking your copyright strikes? hope you learned your lesson to not fuck with me. sorry not sorry. [sic]”

Xaebor, Svdden Death, Wooli and Mastadon are among the dozens of artists targeted by the strike. In addition, labels like Interval Audio and Up and Coming Dub have been included.

Many artists received notice of more than one copyright violation claim. Ubur, for example, woke up to an inbox flooded with copyright strikes.

Numerous emails disputing the claims have been sent to SoundCloud. In reply, most artists have received an email directing them to contact the person who filed the strike.

Several artists have tweeted their feelings on the issue. has reached out to SoundCloud for comment and will update this article as more information is made available.