Shine Shack Launch Women In D&B T-Shirts To Raise Money For Music Minds Matter

Responding to the design Skankandbass rolled out earlier this year with a rollcall of male names, the T’s list some of the most powerful voices in the genre including Diane Charlemagne, Jenna G, Riya, Tali and Charlotte Haining for whom the charity Music Minds Matter is acutely close to her heart.

“I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of this. To be included as one of the vocalists amongst these incredible ladies is one thing, but raising money for Music Minds Matter holds a very significant importance in my life personally. Having lost my step brother to suicide last week, I’m currently feeling the very real ramifications of depression. It is so important for charities like Music Minds Matter to exist in a time where the system is failing. Creative minds are some of the most vulnerable & need that constant support in an industry of extreme highs and lows. MMM – thank you for the work that you do & will continue to do. MUSICIANS/DJ’S/VOCALISTS/MUSIC LOVERS – please talk. To anyone. Just talk. You are not alone in this. Ever.” Charlotte HainingShine Shack Launch Women In D&B T-Shirts To Raise Money For Music Minds Matter

“I am so honoured to be part of this because there are so many women to celebrate in drum and bass but Also because Music Minds Matter is an incredible charity that does amazing work to break down the stigma around mental health and offers a real lifeline for musicians at a time when they need it most.” Riya

With plans to develop the series with more names and designs, Shine Shack’s fluff-loving co-founder Posie Dwyer explains how the series pays homage “to the ladies who played a part in our journey (whether that’s directly or indirectly). This is just our way of celebrating them and helping raise some money for a great cause.”

With all profits going to Music Minds Matter and the T’s celebrating some of the scene’s best vocal talent, it’s a win / win situation for everyone involved. Watch out for more Shine Shack designs as they’re rolled out throughout 2019.

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