Rezz Shares Nightmare On Rezz Street Audiovisual Mix at Long Last

When Rezz unveiled an online countdown timer to something called Nightmare On Rezz Street last week, fans had no idea what it could be. Now that the time has run out, she’s released a mix of all-original music set to Halloween-themed visuals for free download.

A few days ago Rezz (real name Isabelle Rezazadeh) revealed that the mix would be comprised of unreleased music, and then teased a clip from the audiovisual spectacle soon after. “Some music is very old, some is newer,” reads the video’s YouTube description. “Either way I want my fans to hear it because I always wonder what my favourite artists never released.”

Considering Rezazadeh’s diehard fanbase (who happily refer to themselves as a cult), the gesture will be appreciated. Since her career breakout in 2016, “Space Mom” has amassed the sort of following EDM DJ/producers only dream of.

Download Nightmare On Rezz Street for free here.