On Our Radar: USS bringing unique blend of rock and EDM to Kamloops

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For fans of the eclectic, United Synergy Seekers (better known as USS) will be in town next week.

Playing a show at the Blue Grotto on Nov. 14, the band has carved out a solid niche in the Canadian music scene over the past decade, mixing acoustic guitar with a DJ’s set, up into something they’ve self-described to media as like a Nirvana Unplugged show but with a drum and bass party.

The duo is touring in support of their new album, New World Alphabet.

Before they take the stage, fellow Ontarians The Elwins will be on the stage with their own version of funky, fun indie rock. Openers Hotel Mira are from Vancouver.

Things get started at the Blue Grotto around 8 p.m. Tickets are on sale now, going for $22 online (click HERE to buy).

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