EDM: The Great Equalizer

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Red Bull’s Inspire the Night shares Link Miami Rebels’ story of Inclusivity and Triumph

In its third season, Red Bull’s mini-documentary series, Inspire the Night, continues to create ongoing highlights of the nightlife. Inspire the Night was created to illuminate the art form of the experience of nightlife with behind the scenes footage of the creators of several eccentric productions. It is currently available to watch on Red Bull’s Music & Art YouTube channel.

The Great Nightlife is more than just a party.

(Red Bull, 2017)

In this season’s fourth episode the Floridian DJ and production collective, Link Miami Rebels’, core members shared their stories of reaching their hopes and dreams while embracing a new country. Experts in clubland, Link Miami Rebels have made a resilient community in underground Miami. Although they faced the challenges that come along with being an immigrant in a foreign country, Link Miami Rebels became gurus in the industry of electronic music. They have shown the world how Miami’s distinctive dancefloor has established its status as a magnet for EDM in the US.

The core members of Link Miami Rebels are veterans to the game of the nightlife. David Sinopoli, the co-founder of III Points, has programmed 300 shows for the last eight years in Miami. Davide Denese, the owner of his promotional company, Link Miami, became part of the team after collaboration on several events. Coloma Kaboomsky who was fondly well known as the “mayor” of Miami nightlife, cofounded the immigrant collective in 2009. He also owned a company known as the Miami Rebels. Denese and Kaboomsky merged the two brands, which is now recognized as the Link Miami Rebels. Kaboomsky’s reputation in committing to the creation of an unconventional electronic music experience without an exclusive guest list and bottle service-driven elements has contributed to the development of an underground community. The three, who soon started calling themselves, the Space Invaders, established this new unified community and partnership with the purchase of Club Space.

In 2016, the Link Miami Rebels and David Sinopoli purchased Club Space. The Space Invaders went out on the mission to restore the nightclub’s legacy to echo their collective principles. Their purpose was to create a safe space for a city that is driven by its foreign-born citizens. A club owned by a collective of immigrants who wanted to foster inclusivity, and who grew exhausted of conventional late nightclub culture became the center point of Miami’s EDM community.

As the Link Miami Rebel engaged with the community the movement grew. The passionate and inclusive vitality of Link Miami Rebels attracted Red Bull’s attention. The results were that its initiative, Inspire The Night, made a mini-doc about how the professional DJ collective challenged stereotypes. It shared their stories of personal triumph over bias and oppression, and how through it all, their uncompromising views produced success in the music industry.

It’s never over.
The Party.
It’s Forever.
The Party is Forever.
Link Miami Rebels

See the mini-documentary below: