DJ Snake Releases Free 2018 Compilation Album

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We are still in the festive season and DJ Snake is celebrating a successful year by releasing a free 2018 compilation album! DJ Snake established his own record label, Premiere Classe Records, in March this year. Being influenced by different cultures growing up, DJ Snake launched Premiere Classe to represent and showcase all genres of music.

Since then, his label has found success in supporting a variety of artists around the world. Ultra Miami favorite, ‘Whistle‘ by 4B and TEEZ, was the label’s first release, kicking off rising support. From 4B and TEEZ in the Tristate area, Premiere Classe got French producers Aazar and Bellecour together for the smooth beats and bass track, “Da Vinci.”

The quest for, “no politics, just dope music”—famously DJ Snake’s mantra—continued as Premiere Classe sallied up in Asia with Chace’s, ‘Never,’ and Masayoshi Iimori’s, ‘Flow.’ Seamlessly transitioning from one song to next, flow is the perfect term to describe each track of this album. With a total of six singles, Classe of 2018 will surely take you on a ride. Listeners will quickly enter hard-trap realm with ‘Burn’ from LA producer SAYMYNAME, and ‘Out With the Old’ by Gammer. Just enough head banging before wanting to calm down a tiny bit. This well rounded album, finishes off perfectly on a chiller note with Mercer’s recently released, well received, single, ‘Boss.’

With the booming success of Premiere Classe Records logging over ten million streams, DJ Snake’s vision to unite all genres and cultures is surely coming into place. Classe of 2018, dropped on December 27 and can be found on Premiere Classe online. Be sure to check out the teaser below for a quick peek. In the meantime, we will be eagerly waiting to see what uniquely fresh beats DJ Snake and his team has in store for us! Congratulations, DJ Snake, for a banging year!

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