Concert Review: Rezz Casted a Spell in LA

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Rezz casted a spell in LA during her West Coast stop for her Certain Kind of Magic tour. While her tour may be over we’re still raving (no pun intended) about it.

Opening up with a voiceover to the tune of the classic thriller Nightmare on Elm Street the energy was strong throughout The Shrine, the venue for her Los Angeles tour stop. The visuals portrayed Rezz dressed in Freddy Krueger attire sporting the infamous red and olive green striped sweater as she walked through a forest. As her voiceover came to an end the Halloween-inspired backdrop turned into what appeared hands trying to claw their way out of a cloth, and she started the night off with ‘DRUGS!’ (Mass Manipulation, 2017).

Having seen Rezz a few times now in the past year, her production has really improved in quality–not to say that it was lacking before, but this time around the new graphics enhanced the musical experience. Despite her songs not having lyrics, attend any Rezz show and somehow you can hear the crowd “singing” along to her songs–all in perfect harmony too.

She dropped her remix of Porter Robinson’s ‘Divinity,’ and recently released it on her official SoundCloud. While she added a slightly darker undertone to Porter’s work, Rezz also included heavier tracks like Marilyn Manson’s ‘This Is The New Shit.’

This last North American tour proved to be some of her biggest shows yet selling out venues as well as adding shows giving fans a chance to cure rezzothelioma. We’re pretty sure that Rezz casted a spell in LA and the other cities she visited during her Certain Kind of Magic tour.

Space Mom is currently in Asia taking more souls with her.