Brit Daniels marries pop and EDM for the infectious “Convince Me”

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Dallas born, Nashville based, pop singer-songwriter Brit Daniels is back to charm us once again; sultry-sweet, “Convince Me” is an infectiously relatable anthem woven around the narrative of not taking a relationship too seriously.

Light-hearted and beautifully produced, “Convince Me” is an expertly crafted amalgamation of energetic pop and vibrant synths, sprinkled with elements of EDM throughout. Encouraging her listeners to avoid getting caught up in the future, Daniels’ soft yet robust vocals illuminate the message, emphasizing the need to be in the present – and the enjoy the moment. Both ethereally uplifting and atmospherically moody, the mish-mash of electronic instrumentals are a flawless accompaniment to the songstress’ catchy hooks.